I purchased my first SLR camera back in 1985, it was the worlds first auto focus camera no digital cameras in those days, film was the media of the day. Yes it was the Minolta 5000 the creme la creme of cameras in the 80s. with a great interest in motor sport and anything that moved I found it a great challenge to get some crisp sharp images but after a lot of trial and error it all came together.

Shoot forward some 21 years and I took up photography as a full time business. Lincs Photo Junior Sports Photography has been the main business over the past 10 years or so but back in 2012 I took up photographic training in my spare time to pass on my knowledge to others who wanted assistance to get them up to speed with their camera. See our sister site www.lincsphototraining.org 

2017 sees the start of Photo-Holidays, although the sports photography keeps us very busy for 6 months of the year the other 6 months are fairly quite so I am now concentrating on the photographic holidays starting with immediate effect. Our first photo holidays will be concentrated in the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire and my home county, Lincolnshire.

What do I use? well the Canon 1d range has always been my preferred option for the sports photography and I currently use the Canon 1DX mk11 a full frame camera with superb functions throughout. For my own personal use I have just purchased the Canon 7D mk11 very similar to the 1DX but not as sturdy and lacks some of the features of the 1DX but it has a 1.4 crop sensor which is great for getting some extra reach when combined with the 4oo lens and a 1.6 convertor giving a total reach of 800 mm, I must admit still not long enough on many occasions. I use the 7D mk11 for all of my photo holiday trips as it is much lighter than the larger 1DX but on occasions they both get an outing. 

All the best, Grahame

 Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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