Lincoln Lincolnshire Photo Holiday

This short tour is over 2 very diverse days, your time spent with us will be split into a "City" and a "Wildlife" day.

Firstly we will spend a day in and around Lincoln starting in the lower part of Lincoln around the Brayford Pool area. We will then walk through the historic city photographing the old buildings and sites of the city extending through Steep Hill up to the majestic Castle and concluding our day in the ancient Cathedral taking in both exterior and internal photo opportunities. Although something as large as the Cathedral looks easy to photograph there are lots of tricks and tips to make the most of this majestic building. we will explore different angles, positioning to ensure symmetrical alignment of the building. The splendor of the interior can be explored rain or shine, as long as you have the right settings. We will of course accompany you all day with full tuition, tips and ideas to progress your photography to the next level. 


Our second day will be taking us back to nature, starting at a local park we will be mastering the settings for bird and wildlife photography. Before we move on you should be armed with a full understanding of how to obtain sharp images not only of a "sitting duck" but of birds in flight or animals on the move. Once again you will have full tuition and guidance during the day explaining how to approach your subjects, when to take the photographs and you will be ready for the second part of the day which will be a little more challenging at a local nature reserve at the bottom end of Lincoln. At the nature reserve you will be able to see and take pictures of wildlife in its natural habitat. There are a multitude of settings on modern cameras and once you are able to understand why a certain setting combination is used you will leave with the best pictures possible. 

What you will need for your first day!

A good Bridge camera or preferably an SLR digital camera, if you have a Bridge camera then you will need a lens range equivalent to 24mm - 400mm or greater. With the SLR your ideal lens range with a focal lens range of 10mm - 20mm or 24mm - 105mm (both preferred) and a longer lens in the range of 70mm - 300mm. Accessories to add to your kit bag could be a variable ND filter ranging from 1 - 10 stops, polarizer filter, a flash gun (but certainly not essential)  finally a sturdy tripod. This will give you a good range for all of the photographs that we will be undertaking on the first day.   


What you need for the second day!

Camera as above complete with a longer lens, I would suggest a minimum of 200mm but preferably 400mm. if you have a 200mm lens then I would suggest a 1.4x or 2x convertor to give you extra reach. If you have the Bridge camera then you will need it to have a minimum reach of 400mm (I must admit that there are limitations for those with bridge cameras when undertaking wildlife photography) but with practice you can get acceptable images. Finally for both days you need a good understanding of your camera settings so get to know your camera inside out. Of course it goes without saying plenty of memory cards and a spare fully charged replacement battery. Finally you may like to include a sturdy tripod but not essential.

Price per individual for the 2 days is £195.00  (max 4 people)

Dates for 2018

2oth - 21st March     10th - 11th April     15th - 16th May     19th - 20th June     10th - 11th July     7th - 8th August     4th - 5th September

Please "Contact us" to book onto one of the above dates.