Scottish Highlands Photographic Holiday

A great way to spend a week out and about in the Scottish Highlands, with camera in hand (or on a tripod) we will discover the hills, mountains and glens. Each day will be in a different location and the scenery, wherever we are, will be stunning. You will be able to capture the splendor from the Cairngorms to the lochs and glens of the Highlands. There will be opportunities to test out new skills that you possibly havent used before, Panning, Shooting streams and rivers, Night photography (weather dependent) plus much more. You will require a good Bridge camera or preferebly a DSLR with a range of lenses covering 20mm - 400mm plus possibly a 1.4x or 2x convertor. A variable ND 1-10 stop filter plus anything you may have in your kit bag to try out on location. Plus of course a spare baterry and plenty of fast memory cards and not forgetting your instruction book.


Your week will consist of visits in and around the Cairngorms photographing the many different landscapes and mountains with their snow covered canopies. We will not only be photographing landscapes but scouting for the wildlife of the highlands, including the beautiful little Crested Tit, the famous Mountain Hare, Ptarmigan, Grouse, Pine Marten, from the majestic Golden Eagle and Osprey to the Snow Bunting plus many more of those birds and animals that are only found in the Highlands (season dependent). Each day will be spent in a different area with a different objective, not only will you be photographing the scenery/landscapes of the Highlands you will be able to photograph churches, old towns/villages, an old mill, dereliction, the animals and birds plus much more.



You will be transported to and from the various locations each day and if you would like to join me for the car journey to the Highlands from Lincoln this can be arranged for a minimal charge. Each tour can accommodate a maximum of 3 people so that I can give each member of the team my full attention and any tuition required. Although the tour is set around the wildlife of Scotland there is a great number of other things to test your skills. Included will be accommodated in a highland cottage in shared same sex rooms (food not included in the price full details on request). 

Price per individual will be £695.00 (minimum of 3 people required per tour) but if you would like to book as a group there will be a discount. If you would like to participate in a one to one tour then please contact me for details.

Tour Dates:-   2018 Holiday Dates:-

10th - 17th March

10th - 17th November

Please "Contact us" to book onto one of the above dates.