Yorkshire Photo Holidays

Come and join us on one of our Yorkshire Photo Holiday's.

Based in the heart of the Yorkshire Moors we will be traveling the length and breadth of the moors dicovering the Moor's themselves with the rolling landscapes, historic stones, old buildings, bridges, water ways, villages and visiting the splendour of the coastal towns and beaches.

On our journey we will not only be searching the above but looking for the wildlife on the moor's from the famous Yorkshire Grouse to the Wagtails, Dippers, plus much more on our travels. The moor's are vast with villages and farms not touched since the mid 19th Century, the rolling hillsides broken by the stone walls going down into the deep valleys. We will be arriving at the prime time of the day to get the right photographs that you will be able to keep for years to come.     


During the 5 days that you are with us you will join us in rented accommodation, everyone has their own room, this is included in the price. We can talk cameras and photography until the cows come home!!! Whilst you are with us you will have full ongoing tuition explaining why we use specific settings for a specific scene, which lenses to use and what effect that lens has on the end result. We will be using slow shutter speeds to show the movement of water, wide and shallow f stops to isolate objects and at the other extreme to give a good depth of field to bring out the best of the Moors. (Please note food is not included)

By the end of the 5 days you will have a better understanding of when to press the shutter and when to stand back for a few moments and study the scene in front of you prior to pressing the shutter to make sure you have framed the scene correctly. Taking the picture is only half of the equation arriving a your chosen location at the right time of day is paramount, this will all be discussed during your time with us. 


What will you need during your Photo Holiday?

A minimum camera requirement would be a good Digital Bridge Camera or DSLR with a choice of lenses. (Compact cameras are good but to get the best from your time with us the Bridge or DSLR is recommended) Lenses :- The Bridge camera will have the focal length fixed dependent on the model you purchase, a minimum would be 35mm - 400mm although some Bridge cameras now have lenses reaching to 1000mm. the DSLR should have a range of lenses covering from 20mm - 400mm, this could be a combination of say 2 or 3 lenses. Longer lenses up to 600mm will be beneficial when we are looking for the Nature and Wildlife shots during the holiday. A good sturdy tripod is a must. Spare battery and plenty of memory cards.

Optional equipment that may benefit you during your holiday :- 1.4x or 2x Convertor (to give extra reach) ND variable 1 - 10 stop filter, ND graduated filters, Polarizer Filter, Flash gun and finally unless you know your camera inside out please bring your instruction book. If you have any questions on the equipment that you need to bring please get in touch.


Price per individual for the 5 days inclusive complete with acommodation

Dates for the 2018 Yorkshire holidays are :-  11th - 15th June £495.00 (maximum 3 people)

                                                                                   6th - 10th August £595.00 (maximum 3 people)

Other dates may be available please ask

Please go to the "HOLIDAY BOOKING" tab at the top of the page to book your holiday/break or for further information complete the "Contact us" form and I will get in touch.